Do You Know When to Call a Plumber?

Every household needs a plunger sitting in the bathroom. This handy tool costs a few bucks at the home improvement store and alleviates many minor toilet and sink clogs. Without a plunger, you’d likely endure a lot of calls and costs to the plumber.  It doesn’t matter who you are, using a plunger is simple.

But, a plunger won’t resolve every plumbing issue that occurs in the home. Sometimes, you’ll need to make a call to a residential plumber san jose ca for help. Don’t delay making that call when the need arises. Doing so makes the plumbing issues worse, thus increasing repair costs and headaches.

Sometimes a plunger won’t resolve clogs if they become too bad and you’ll need a plumber to come out to use an agitator to unclog the pipes. Other issues that may warrant a call to a plumber include leaks, busted pipes, pipe installation, and issues with the water heater. If you aren’t a plumber, don’t pretend that you are when major mishaps arise.

The sooner you call the plumber, the better. Many problems start off minor and increase in severity when they’re not repaired. A quick call to the plumber prevents mishaps and messes around the home and keeps the costs of your repairs to a minimal. It’s okay to call a plumber; they’re trained and specialize in repairs and you simply cannot do everything!

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Maintain your plumbing system and call out a professional to inspect things before trouble occurs to further reduce hassles and excess costs for plumbing repairs.  Preventative maintenance is the best way to maintain your pipes! But, when problems occur, know when it’s time to call a plumber and pick up the phone to schedule service right away.