The Fast Paced World Just Got Faster

The world that we currently live in has gotten faster, more complicated and filled with people looking for instant gratification.  In a world where we can order something from an app on our phones, wait an hour and have someone standing on our doors with it in hand has drastically changed the way we conduct business.  Services such as same day courier Pennsylvania have made the once foreign concept of delivery a thing of the past.

When we were children the thought of getting a package instantly was something only depicted in cartoons.  Characters like the coyote placing an envelope in the mail, flipping up the flag and having the package from Acme arrive moments later was inconceivable, however, with today’s technology such dreams are becoming a reality.

One hour delivery

same day courier Pennsylvania

Many grocery stores and restaurants are looking at the fast turnaround instant gratification service portrayed in these cartoons.  Using devices like smartphones and apps we can now connect with services that will take our order, package it, get a third party driver to pick it up and deliver it to wherever they want.  In fact, there are pizza companies that have setup specific hot spots that they will deliver to.  Customers don’t even need to be home anymore.

Technology vs Customer Service

The emergence of technology and customer service has finally grown so close together they are hard to distinguish.  From your phone the app will call you by name, give you updates as to the progress of your orders and even have a map that tracks the exact position of your order throughout the entire process. 

Expanding Markets

With these couriers the possibilities of expanding markets is now possible. With a few clicks of a mouse or taps on your phone you can order anything that your heart desires.  Who knows where this will take us in the future.  Maybe one day we will be able to just slip our orders into a slot, raise a flag and have whatever it is we desire.