When The Shop Sign Could Not Be Seen

The shop owner had been wondering, it is busy next door? And it is busy on the other side? Across the busy street, it seems to be busy over there as well. But as the shop owner peers forlornly over his counter, he wonders. He wonders to himself just why his shop is so quiet these days. Was it something that he said? Did he offend someone, did he let a customer down, and did that customer vent his spleen over the social media networks?

Is there something wrong with the merchandize? The poor shop owner does one more check and, no, it is not that even. And so he sighs sadly out the window, watching people pass his window by as if he were invisible.

Then he ventures to the tip of his sidewalk, under the pretense of sweeping it clean. And he looks up. And then he has what they call those Eureka or ‘aha’ moments. He has one of those ‘why didn’t I think of this before’ moments.

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Because even he can’t see his shop’s display signage. And so not another moment is wasted, and before you know it, the sign cleaning wayne nj van has rolled up, right in front of the shop. They clamber out the van. They unpack their cleaning implements.

They take just one look at the signage, mount their ladders, and it is off to work they go. The shopkeeper does wonder though. Are they going to be alright? It is a giddy height. But don’t you worry about a thing dear sir. The men are perfectly harnessed. And don’t you worry about your business either.

Just get on with it already. And before he knows it, in comes the first customer.